We are the Justice League Eindhoven Officials, but what do we do?

We are officials affiliated to the Rockcity Rollers.
This includes referees and non-skating officials.
We believe that well prepared, instructed, trained, and experienced officials are an asset to roller derby as a whole.
We strive to fully instruct our officials and prepare them for all kinds of situations, in hopes that they perform well under pressure and/or strange circumstances.
So, what does an official do?

Non Skating Officials, in short NSO's (Flamingo's)

We are the people running inside or around the track. At a game there are usually 12 of us. Never seen one? Good. We are ninja’s and we’re doing a good job when we make everything in the background run smoothly while we are invisible. Generally we have 12 NSO’s on track during a game, but you could run one with a minimum of 7 or a maximum of 14. They all have different roles on track.

The Positions: